Sunset at Lillebælt

The Winter has arrived to Denmark.

Clear blue sky in the winter calls for action. I was close to the bridges between Jutland and Funen, so I decided to give it a ‘shot’ at sunset. Luckily I arrived a quarter to set at the old ferry berth. The sun was rapidly sliding down behind a small hill covered with old beeches on the opposite bank of the ‘belt’. But the sun was in the right position for shooting the old bridge.

Den gl Lillebæltsbro (the old bridge over Lillebælt). EXIF: X-T2 | ISO800 | f 6.4 | 1/1700s | Post in Lr

The old ferry berth is now a small harbor for small fishing vesels. I headed down to the water front and took a first shot. Dealing with birds can be challenging, but seagulls seems to be quite confident – or lazy – or both. The contrast between a clear blue and yellow sky and the dark forrest on the opposite bank was not good.

I headed for a small walk along the beach. A bit closer to the bridge, I found a more interesting viewpoint.

A jetty under the old bridge over Lillebælt. EXIF: X-T2 | 35mm | ISO800 | f8 | 1/680s

It was -7 degrees Celius, and my office outfit was not ideal for these conditions. But on my way back to the car, I passed the small harbor again. Suddenly a small fishing vessel took off. The boat caught the attention for every seagull in the area, so soon the boat was the most popular boat at sea.

A small fishing vessel in the sunset. EXIF: X-T2 | 45mm | f8 | 1/500s

I watched the boat for some time. It floated close to the bridge. Apparently, the heavy water flow in the small ‘belt’ makes the place ideal for fishing. After a few more shots I headed for the car and some heat. But a cool place!

Fishing vessels are a seagulls best friend. EXIF: X-T2 | 90mm | ISO800 | f8 | 1/350s

Location info:

On google map search for “Gl færgevej, Fredericia”



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