Photodoc: 3D printing at FabLab

LED-lamps are the new black when it comes to lighting. But these small light dots are not pleasant to the eye. So one year ago I decided to make a DIY lamp shade out of one piece of A4-paper. My goal was to prevent direct light and spread the light more equally. After some trial and error, my lamp shade version 1.0 saw the day. I produced two pieces for my two LED-lamps, and went on living happy. A year later, I realized, these paper sheets may not last forever. So I decided to take an adventure into the 3D-modelling universe. Modelling was done in TinkerCAD, but I needed to get a physical representation of my 3D-model. Here the Fablab saved my day.

Fablab Silkeborg is an ‘Innovation’ facility situated next to the public library in Silkeborg. It is targeted common schools and high schools, but every thursdag it is open to the public from 3pm to 7pm. They offer guidance into 3D-printers, Laser cutters, prints on textiles and more.

After a short intro, my model was converted and downloaded to an SD-card for a 3D-printer. I selected the color of the filament (the plastic), and off we go! The Fablab tutor was very patient and kind, and guided me through the process. All tools are ‘free’ and open source, so one day I may start my own print facility ;)

A part of the production proces: 3D rendering software

Several people was attending the ‘Fablab Open hours’, and the atmosphere was nice and open minded.

3D-printing requires patience. My small model requires a 12 hours printing process, so I can pick it up on next thursday – if the printing process goes smoothly. I cross my fingers …

All images are SOOC of my Fujifilm 100F with Acros-film simulation applied to the jpg’s.

Follow up:

After one week, I got my printed model back. The 3D-printing software had applied support heavily to the model, so it took some time before the origial shape was unveiled.

At home, the lamp shade was tested with my LED-light. The bars prevents the harsh direct light, and the light spread is good in all directions.

By the way, this was how my original lamp shade looked:


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