Missing the sunsets in NYC

February, and winter has started here in Denmark. The snow are covering the landscape, the frost is biting in my cheeks, and everything seems to hibernate. In my warm little cottage, I have started to dream for hot weather and summer vacation. I’m looking forward to walk in an unknown city, discovering the sights and catching the moments with my camera. With the Fuji-camera in a bag, an extra lens and plenty of batteries I can walk for hours taking in the city, the people and the architecture. Not that I always are able to get the pictures I want, but looking at the city with a photographers eyes adds an extra dimension. I see things differently, more intense and always with curiosity. “Can I get a different picture, than the usual standard picture?”, “How does people behave, and react with these surroundings?”, “What is different from my city”.  And with an inconspicuous bag like the Lowepro Event Messanger 100 carried cross-body,  it’s easy to walk around almost unnoticed, pick up the camera, take a picture, put it back and secure the front-flap. Not worrying about your gear, improves the experience ;-)

NYC in late June

In twenty-sixteen, New York City was boiling in late June. And at midsummer, the sun was going down pretty much in East, sending warm orange light into (literally) the streets of NYC.  With my X-T1, I had great opportunities to catch the late light evenings. The dynamic range of the X-trans sensor really created great images. No need for HDR, just set the exposure for the sky, and pull out the details from the ‘shadows’ in post.

One evening, I was lucky to be at the High Line Park, while the sun descented over The Heights and Hoboken in New Jersey. I really miss the place and the hot, warm atmosphere – and the city…

(Click on photo for full resolution of this collage).

Summer 2016 in NYC


As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I spend most of my spare time finding the next photo opportunity. I favor landscape photography and portraiture, and challenge myself with street.

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