Preview of Day 1 in Nr. Lyngby

The first day of my winter vacation was cloudy.

Just a warning; This posting is with jpeg’s SOOC (I’m looking forward to get home and edit the raw-files). I have cropped them and made simple adjustments in the Ps Express app on my tablet. Almost all jpeg’s are in Velvia and shot with the XF18-135mm lens.

The beach at Nr. Lyngby is broad and flat. The groundwater is leaking out of the cliffs, and in the wintertime, the water is forming a huge ice cap above the sand.

The groundwater leaking out of the cliffs creates small icefalls In the winter time
The ground water leaking out of the cliffs are forming huge areas of ice on the beach
Historical greetings from the second world war; bunkers from ‘Festung Dänemark’


This ice cap is pretty safe compared to normal ice on a lake, so I decided to let my son and his cusin have fun. They spent more than an hour on the ice doing all the stuff kids do, including tumbling and getting wet socks on thin ice… Kids are always good for candid shots, so I gave it a try. But soon I realized, that it is hard to get into the right position on ice. Because its icy…

Soon they got tired of me pointing my camera in their direction, and they set off over the ice. I got the message, and left them to their own company. But it left me with little to do with my camera. Cloudy weather is not the best weather on a beach. So I started to look for patterns. Patterns are interesting in themselves, but are also great for composite photos. Soon I found some interesting patterns in the ice. And my son hinted me, that the lower parts of the cliffs had some interesting structures. It turned out to be natural clay, forming square patterns when drying.

After more than an hour at the beach, the sun managed to get some sun rays through the clouds in the horizon. After a dry, but cloudy day, there was hope for some sun.

Experiments in the sand

The cold was starting to be very apparent at the beach, so the kids and I returned to the rented appartment.


After a cup of coffee I went out again, to see if I was lucky to catch the sunset.

This time I had my tripod with me, and I headed for the nearby abandoned cemetery. Only the south east corner of the old cemetery is still left, and the old belfry – the landmark of Nr. Lyngby. A few graves are still left on the cemetery, and a very old metalornamented gravestone is very close to the edge.

A lonely gravestone at the very edge of the costal line

After some test shots, I found a good spot for my tripod. From this angle, I could capture the sea, the belfry and the crippled bushes growing on the cemetery.

The Nr. Lyngby belfry and abandoned cemetery at sunset

With such a small gap in the clouds, time was running out very fast. I managed to get a horizontal and portrait shot. And that was about it. I shot in bracketing mode, and are hoping some kind of HDR can improve the scene in post.

The Nr. Lyngby belfry and abandoned cemetery at sunset, portrait orientation

Later that evening, just around midnight, I took a test shot out of the kitchen window. The clouds were disappearing from the sky. That looked promising :-)

The clouds starts to deminish at night time. Long exposure.



As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I spend most of my spare time finding the next photo opportunity. I favor landscape photography and portraiture, and challenge myself with street.

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