Preview of day 2 in Nr. Lyngby

Clear blue sky on the Second day of my winter holiday

Just a warning; This posting is with jpeg’s straight out of the camera. I’m looking forward to get home and edit the raw-files. I have cropped the jpg’s and made simple adjustments in the Ps Express app on my tablet. Almost all jpeg’s are in Velvia and shot with the XF18-135mm lens.

Decending moon early morning on day two

Day two started out quite promissing. A beatiful moon was going down in the western horizont, only a few clouds in the sky and almost no wind.


Nr. Lyngby is in the northern part of the Bay of Denmark. Often huge waves from the Atlantic ocean smashes into the shore. The true translation of ‘Jammerbugten’ is in fact ‘the Bay of Moarns’. In mediveal times, when ships stranded in the storms in this (poor) area of Denmark, the locals often plundered the ships – and killed any survivors. Therefore, moarn!

The kids were ready for another trip to the beach. My fiance was ok with the temperature and sun, so we all set off for a walk on the beach. There is an emminent danger of landslides from the cliffs, so I warned the boys, not to climb the slopes. A warning they took very serious…

Any prohibition is to be broken…

The sun was warm and with no wind. We could walk comfortably and enjoy the view. A little pond drew my attention. The western side was covered with thin ice. I think I could have spend hours at that spot to get the right framing. But my fiance insisted on a minimum of social interaction ;-)

Ice coated sand in high contrast (Løkken in the distance)
Ice coated sand, noncontrasty (the lighthouse at Rugbjerg Knude in the distance)


Plastic fantastic

Even with most of the sand covered in ice, plastic trash popped up everywhere. As colorfull plastic might be, it will take take generations to degrade.

Colorfull waste
Plasic bag and to top it, an old oil barrel

Earth erosion in front of our eyes

At the beach, it is quite obvious, that the sea is eating the country bit by bit in this area. The old bunkers from World War 2 are sliding down the cliffs as their foundations are washed away. The weather and groundwater is also helping to speed up the process. As the sun started to shine on the cliffs, we could observe small pieces of soil literally faling down from the cliff sides.

An old turret from the WWII on the beach. Above an almost vanished ladder
Only the ropes and the upper part of the ladder are still here. The rest is swallowed by the ocean
A huge part of the cliff has slipped down
Small sand pillars along the cliffs
Small pieces of sand and soil are falling down

Take two of the sunset at the cemetery

Yesterday, there were almost only clouds in the sky. This time there were almost no clouds in the sky. Taking a landscape shot with no clouds can be quite challenging. A clear blue sky is simply too boring! Fortunately, a few ‘airplane stripes’ was visible – and a very thin spiderweb of clouds was starting to appear in the sky. That might give some constrast and variation in the pictures. So me and my tripod went for another (short) walk to the abbandoned cemetery in Nr. Lyngby. I ended up putting my tripod up on the old stonewall, in order to capture belfry, sun and the ocean. As the sun lowered, I had to move left and adjust the tripod accordingly. I shot in bracketing mode. My bracketing setting is +/-1ev and I shoot three shots at +1ev and -1ev respectively giving 5 different exposures (1 overlapping). I find the light quite harsh in the pictures, so I’m hoping for some nice HDR-pictures in post.

The old bell, color version
The old bell, B&W-version


Capturing the sun just below the bell and between the posts
A rare sight; a calm sea in the Bay of Denmark

After the sun disappeared, I took a short walk in the area and ended up at the belfry again.

Here the benches are used to break the horizon and rainbow colours
Soft light after sunset

As mentioned in the trailer; I look forward to come home and process the RAW-files. The Ps Express-app adds some strange ghosting artifacts. In particular, the belfry has a strange halo around the top and the posts…


As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I spend most of my spare time finding the next photo opportunity. I favor landscape photography and portraiture, and challenge myself with street.

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