Preview of day 3 in Nr. Lyngby

Not much time to do photography at day three.

Just a warning; This posting is with jpeg’s straight out of the camera. I’m looking forward to get home and edit the raw-files. I have cropped the jpg’s and made simple adjustments in the Ps Express app on my tablet. Almost all jpeg’s are in Velvia and shot with the XF18-135mm lens.

At day 3, I had to drive my son and his cousin home from vacation. Most of the day was spent on the highway. But I made it back before sunset and hurried out to one of my ‘must haves’; the lighthouse at Rugbjerg Knude. Again I brought my tripod with me, and was able to get there in time to find a good spot. As the previous day, the sky was almost free of clouds, but some flight trails helped with some structure and contrast. This time I was not alone, but I was pretty much the only one behind the lighthouse…


Again I was shooting with the Bracketing mode. Hope for some nice pictures in post. And again I stayed till after sunset and enjoyed the fading colors in the sky. Shooting with the camera on a tripods makes it work like a dream… Arriving to the appartment, all the colors were not gone from the sky, so I took a nice shot of the belfry.




Handheld, focusing on the streak of light in the sea

Ps Express fu****g my picture with strange ghost artifacts and halos
Lighthouse and foundation of the guard housing
Easy shot out of the window.


As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I spend most of my spare time finding the next photo opportunity. I favor landscape photography and portraiture, and challenge myself with street.

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