Previews from Day 6 – The Beach Highway

Cloudy again, but no rain on day 6.

Warning: The jpegs in this post is taken straight out of the camera and adjusted in Ps Express on my tablet. All pictures are taken with my Fujifilm X-T2 and my XF18-135mm lens with the Velvia film simulation.

The last day of my vacation was cloudy, but dry. So I decided to take a final “photoshoot” on the beach. As one of the few beaches in Denmark, it is allowed to drive on the beach. You can do it all year, but unless you have a real 4WD, you may get stuck in the wet sand for a long time. Even on days with ice on the beach, I saw off-roaders drive on the beach. But not today, where the wet sand had ‘quicksand’-like consistency.

If you dare, you can descent the ramp down to the beach by car
Beach Highway. Call 112 for emergency.
The wind and waves creates organic foam at the shore. The foam looks like small icebergs
Seagulls and sanderlings in neat lines.
Roots are exposed, as the soil erodes
Bunker from World War 2 has slipped down to beach as the foundation disappeared
An organic American football
The remains of a pinetree

Plastic fantastic

After three days with temperatures above zero degrees Celsius, most of the ice and snow was gone from the beach. Without snow, all the plastic waste along the shore showed up. Although plastic is colorful, it is dispiriting to see the amount of waste left for generations.

Plastic fantastic, NOT!
Plastic waste everywhere
A lot of plastic waste piling up for the next generations
This is not a contemporary art installation, but pieces of nets, platic ropes and organic material intertwined





Hidden treasures in the sand

Without any good motives for landscape photography, I started to look down and find the details in the sand, everybody normally just passes by. The XF18-135 is not a macro-lens, but it suffices to get shells and other sea life with its context in upright position. And with the cloudy, foggy conditions, no shadows or harsh light destroys the scene…

Shell with golden stripes
Assembly 1
A small seaweed in the sand with animal shape





Assembly 2
Colorful bubbles around a shell


As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I spend most of my spare time finding the next photo opportunity. I favor landscape photography and portraiture, and challenge myself with street.

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