Learnings from my vacation


All photos from my six days vacation ended with a bunch of RAW-files in Lightroom at my PC. Stats of 903 RAW-files; 235 deleted, 376 has a one star rating.  At least half of the 376 will not pass my second star-rating, and I go for ending up with a ‘top twenty’ and some additional genre series (like “Plastic Fantastic”). 307 of the 903 files are marked for HDR post processing, and I will examine the different methods (Nic HDR Efex Pro, Normal Lightroom, Lightroom HDR and maybe Ps HDR).

Hot gear – Cold Gear

  • Tripod and gorillapad were used intensively. Both have heads of the ball-type, that allows for easy adjustment, and tilting to portrait-shooting. The X-T2 was a joy to use from a low position on a tripod due to its flipping LCD-screen. Both in horizontal and in portrait mode!
  • My XF18-135mm lens was used almost all the time. My XF10-24mm lens was only used twice, and the XF50-140mm was not used at all. The XF18-135 is a highly versatile lens, and pretty sharp for a zoom-lens.
  • My Lowepro Messenger Bag 100 was my prefered ‘To-Go’-bag. I found the Peak Design 13″ Everyday Messenger Bag to big (and new?) for a trip in the dunes or at the beach.
  • My rocket blower and lens pens was in use after every trip. Filters were not used at all. I had many plans before the vacation, but shooting in against the sun didn’t call for a polarizing filter. In one occasion, I would have liked to use my ND-filter on the beach, but didn’t have my tripod…
  • My USB3.0 SD-card reader for my iPad Pro was a huge relief compared to the ‘slow’ Fujifilm Cam Remote App. Downloading pictures from this app is a pain!!! The only annoying thing about the SD-card-reader is the setup: The setup with iPad Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, an additional lightning cable to either a charger or a power bank, an additional USB3.0 extension cable and the USB3.0 SD-card-reader questions the ‘ease and mobility’ of the iPad Pro.
  • The Adobe Ps Express App on the iPad Pro is a fast tool for cropping and adjusting the SOOC-jpg’s. But the app introduces strange halos and shadows in the result…

Reminders for bracketing

  • Check settings for Exposure Bracketing! Without checking my settings, I shot in Aperture mode from base +/- 1EV on my compensation wheel. Unfortunately, my X-T2 exposure bracketing was set to +/- 2 EV. So instead of 5 different exposure (2 duplicates at 0EV) in step of 1EV, I ended up with four exposures in steps of 2EV (and 2 duplicates at +1EV and 2 duplicates at -1EV) and no correct exposures… Not a big deal for the Fuji XTrans-sensor with high dynamic range, but a plain stupid fault from my side
  • The metering mode ‘Multi’ is not reliable enough for this technique. Switching from +1EV to -1EV on the compensation wheel, didn’t give consistent results. I ended up with variations from 0.1 to 0.25EV.. Setting the metering to average or center weighted gave steady exposures for the bracketing shots at +1EV respectively -1EV.

Reminder for WordPress and Media Upload

  • Using the iPad Pro on tour is quite ok. But I have encountered a minor flaw. Pictures in portrait orientation imported via the USB3 Camera Adapter and directly uploaded to WordPress renders differently in Safari/Chrome than in the Microsoft browsers Edge/IE9. The orientation is not consistent(!). After importing the photos, I tested the posts in Safari on my iPad. No problems… But viewing them on a Microsoft browser gave a different result. Trying to ‘turn’ the pictures 90 degrees in the WordPress picture editor gave a good result in Edge/IE9, but then Safari and Chrome was ‘wrong’…
  • After this catch 22, I ended up downloading the files to my PC, edited them in Paint and uploaded new files to my posts. Not optimal, but a quick fix!!!
  • The problem only occurs when I uploads the photos directly to WordPress without modification. Editing them in Ps Express (and saving a copy) removes the ‘error’ om upload.



As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I spend most of my spare time finding the next photo opportunity. I favor landscape photography and portraiture, and challenge myself with street.

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