My New X-Family Member: X100F

This weekend I received my preordered Fujifilm X100F

The Fujifilm X100F was preordered with a “free” camera bag included. This Friday, the camera shop ‘Goecker‘ was so kind to contact me. At their simple question “Do you want the camera today or wait for the camera bag…” I was not very hesitant to answer “TODAY!”. So in this weekend, I was the lucky guy to unbox my new X-family member.

Compared to the X-T2, the box is more humble, but the main difference is the white inner box and white interior. The box contained the expected stuff: A printed manual in english, a DVD with manuals in multiple languages, hooks and strap, charger and a NP-W126S battery. Only surprise was a short USB-cable for charging the battery in-camera. The NP-W126S-battery seems a bit ‘hollow’ compared to the battery provided with the X-T2.

Prior to camera arrival, I had ordered a UV filter and the (much cheaper) JCC lens hood on Amazon. The lens hood is in two parts, and allows filters to be mounted inside the lens hood. Hence, the camera was hardly out of the box, before I mounted a 49mm B+W UV filter to protect the front of the lens. I expect this little friend to follow me in many jackets and pockets, so better be a bit cautious; zippers scratch…

I look forward to take this camera out for some test shots! But first, I need a new SD-card.


The unboxing was documented with my X-T2 with jpegs in Acros film simulation mode.

Basic controls on top plate and front of the X100F



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