The Empty Streets of Culture

Plenty of Culture, no People 8 am.

Aarhus is the European Capital of Culture in 2017. Hence, a lot of art and art installations are popping up in the streets. Tuesday morning 8 am. in the Easter week is not a buzzy morning in Aarhus. On every normal working day, the streets would black of cars, busses and people walking or biking. But apparently, most people have taken the day off.

The sun was slowly rising above the city, so I grabbed my X100F and went for some pictures in the area of the city hall and Aros.

“THE SAME FOR EVERYONE” – one of 10 light installations by Nathan Coley


I shoot raw, but like to generate jpegs also. That’s an easy way for me to check if everything is ok; I am able to zoom into more details on the jpegs in camera than on raw-files.

The settings were Acros+R, shadow +2 and highlight +1.

“My Playground”

My Playground with build-in smoke generator. But not his playground…
Visitors reading engraved quotes
Sun bursts at f11
Park, Tree, Bicycle
Pedestrians walking by the Playground

The rainbow in 50 shades of grey

Cyclists in front of AROS, with the Rainbow Panorama on top.



The mirrors on the inside of a cube create a kaleidoscopic effect

I shot with auto ISO, but the minimum shutter speed setting at 1/60s  is way to low for walking people. So next time I will go for 1/125th to test (or higher).

The lens and sensor produces same matrix-artifacts in the lens flare as the X-T2, when the lens is pointed directly towards the sun. Tilting the camera a few degrees removes the artifacts – but may destroy your composition. In the screen dump below I have zoomed in on a ‘red spot’-area. The matrix is very pronounced:



As the X-T2, the new X100F also generates a red matrix in the lens flare




As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I spend most of my spare time finding the next photo opportunity. I favor landscape photography and portraiture, and challenge myself with street.

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