X100F in the Matrix: Lens flare, the X-Trans III way

Backlit compositions are tricky with the new X-Trans III-sensor.

I have just started to use my X100F. I’m very happy and the rangefinder style is something complete different form my X-T2. But the lens and sensor produces the same matrix-artifacts in the lens flare as the X-T2, The problem is only apparent when the lens is pointed directly towards the sun. Tilting the camera a few degrees removes the artifacts – but may destroy your composition… In the screen dump below I have zoomed in on a ‘red spot’-area in Lightroom. The matrix is very pronounced (click for large picture):

As the X-T2, the new X100F also generates a red matrix in the lens flare

Here is the full frame (pun intended):

Backlit photo

Still happy, but cautious

I shot several photos without the disturbing red matrix, so It’s not a deal breaker for me. I just have to be aware of it…

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