Street Contrast with the X100F

Towards the streets

I have mainly been doing Landscape photography with my XT-2. But with the X100F, I try to challenge myself to come out of my comfort zone and do some other stuff. Last week, I had a day off in Copenhagen, and decided to go for contrast – and some street shots of what ever came up.  But forcing myself to find contrast in the pictures in stead of scenes of beauty or inner zen in landscapes was quite challenging. In landscape photograhyy, I don’t shoot half a lake or three quarter of a hill. But looking for contrast forces me to break the ‘rules’ of nice photography.

The battle between OVF and EVF

The X100F has a great rangefinder-style Optical Viewfinder with more than 100% of the image. It is easy to see, if I should zoom a bit in or out with my feet to get the right framing. But I must admit, that I checked several of my shots a priori with the Electronical Viewfinder in combination with the Preview-feature. With the film simulation set to the black and white Acros-simulation, it was very easy to see the final photo before pushing the shutter button  in stead of ‘chimping’ afterwards. However, using the EVF is kind of missing the point with the X100F Optical Viewfinder in my opinion. So I forced myself to use the OVF. But switching forth and back between the EVF and OVF did show, that the focus rectangle in the Optical Viewfinder is only an approximation. So next time I will shoot a bit wider to ensure everything is in the frame, and crop the frame in post. With 24 Mpixels that should not be a big problem.

All photos are developed in Lightroom CC with the Acros film simulation as starting point.




As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I spend most of my spare time finding the next photo opportunity. I favor landscape photography and portraiture, and challenge myself with street.

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