Color management is inconsistent in Windows 10 :-(

Nightmares in Lightroom…

I have recently shot several young people, and as usual, I edit the portraits in Lightroom. But to my big frustration, the jpeg-output from Lightroom had too saturated colors. I struggled a good time to figure out, that the standard viewer in Widows10 do *NOT* adhere to the build in color management. F&%¤@ !!!

Fortunately, the old Image Viewer does match Lightroom, so I continue to use that one for inspecting generated jpegs.

My setup

In addition to my PC, I have bought a DELL 2716D monitor. It is not a high end monitor, but offers a very good screen with almost no reflections, and a reasonable support for the adobeRGB color space (I think the specs states 99%).

I have configured the monitor, so the output matches fairly the output on my Epson SureColor P600-photo printer when I print on glossy paper. So far so good.

However, the drivers for the DELL 2716 adds a driver to the color management configuration

The Dell 2716D driver in the color management control panel

I have read several article on how to reset and set color profiles for the applications / color profiles. But none of them resulted in consistent coloring.

Updating Windows10 starts the trouble

With the new windows update, a new Picture App (viewer) is introduced. However, the Picture App ignores color management. Fortunately, I still have the “old” Windows Image Viewer. The old viewer has the same color management as Lightroom. This screen dump shows clearly the difference – and Lightroom are added for reference:

The Old Windows Image Viewer, Lightroom and the new Picture App

Reference photo

For reference, I made the comparison of the two image viewers with a standard test image.

New and old image viewer in Windows 10


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