Fujifilm x100F for portraiture

For photo session, I would normally use my Fujifilm X-T2 with the XF56mmF1.2 lens, sometimes the XF50-140mmF2.8 lens and for narrow places the 35mmF2 lens for wider portraits. But currently I have tried to shoot some portraits just for fun with the x100F having a fixed 23mmF2 lens.

The argument against the 23mm lens is, that narrow shots gets distorted. On the other hand, taking a wider portrait with half of the body or more, doesn’t require you to step several meters away. The x100F doesn’t feel so intimidating on people. The ‘cute’ formats tricks them to relax and it is way easier to approach strangers with the x100F than an X-T2 with the XF50-140mm lens attached!

The x100F generally generates very sharp images also for aperture f=2. However, there is some dreamy soft going on in the ‘almost out-of-focus’ areas. I think it is a lens characteristic, and for other scenes this may be annoying, but  for portraits, I find it ok. The X-TransIII sensor is the same as in my X-T2, and the details and dynamic range is on par when it comes to post processing. The lens and sensor makes a very good job of separating subject from background, and give the person an almost 3D-look. For outdoor shooting, I found the bokeh to be fine, and small highlights produces nice ‘bubbles’.

So for the next events, I may bring the x100F with me for wide shots.


All images below are post processed in Lightroom with Acros film simulation. Aperture is f=2 for all of them.



As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I spend most of my spare time finding the next photo opportunity. I favor landscape photography and portraiture, and challenge myself with street.

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