A full-time dreamer, part-time amateur photographer


I am an amateur photographer. I live in Denmark near Silkeborg, the capital of the Juttland highlands. The area of Silkeborg is blessed with great nature and lovely sights. So I love grabbing my camera bag and head out for adventures.

I also do portraiture. I love natural lighting, but are sometimes forced to use a flash setup. My clients are mainly good friends, colleagues and their relatives.

My commercial shooting experience covers concerts and cross-fit training sessions. In both environments, the weather-proof gear are of great value :-)

As a new challenge, I have tried to go for street. It feels very intimidating for a landscape photographer to go into the city jungle and try to catch strangers at the risk of being noticed. I haven’t been beaten up or had any major ‘arguments’ so far. But who knows? One day…


Every picture should express a feeling or a mood. In portraiture,  I strive for catching the personality and emotions. And since I am an amateur, I’m not paid per hour, so I don’t mind spending more than an hour to catch the right moment.

When it comes to landscapes I mostly picture calmness, dreamscapes and struck-by-beauty. Some would say boring, I say ‘zen-like’.

Hope you enjoy my small blogging website.