Catching the Flare Fairy

Testing the Primoplan 58mmf1.9 in backlight revealed a Flare Fairy

I was appointed to a wedding photographer to a wedding in the family. During the wedding, some of the guests wanted a portrait. My fiancé’s daughter was one of them. During the session, a fairy came around. I didn’t notice it, but when I imported the pictures to Lightroom, I noticed the little ethereal being. Som will say, it is only sun flare in the lens, I hold to my story ;-)

By the way, the background bokeh worked out nicely in the sunset. But manual focusing with full screen focus peaking is not the way to go. Next time, I will go for the split window in view mode, so I have both the composition and the focus frame in the EVF.

The magic appears
The little magic creature tries to excape from the frame
Is it one or a swarm of fairies?


As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I spend most of my spare time finding the next photo opportunity. I favor landscape photography and portraiture, and challenge myself with street.

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