SaSS at the beach – Sunset and sand storm

Yesterday we arrived to Løkken, a nice city in the northern Denmark. The wind was hard, but we didn’t realise how windy it was until we walked to the beach. The sand on the beach was drifting, and hit us in the face. It was probably stupid to bring a camera with me, but I had my X-T2 and the XF18-135 lens on in my Lowepro Messenger 100 Bag. It only costed me half an hour cleaning the camera and lens later in the evening with a brush and a rocket blower.

I tried to capture  the drifting sand with a slow shutter, but it was hard to take a decent image in the wind even with the good image stabilisation from the 18-135mm lens.

A local sandstorm along the beach

We had a good time walking along the shore and looking into the ocean. The wind and low sun played with the peaks of the waves.

Decending sun shining in the wave peaks

After a while, we started to get cold in the wind, and we started to walk back through the dunes. Then I discovered, than the front of my lens was covered with salt from the sea mist. That gave small sun bursts on the images.

Sun bursts starts to show up due to the salt on the lens
The dunes at Løkken covered with lyme grass

Back in the sommer house, I had a nove cup of tea. Then I grabbed my tripod and went for the last sunset.


As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I spend most of my spare time finding the next photo opportunity. I favor landscape photography and portraiture, and challenge myself with street.

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