Taking my X100F to Ringsted Festival – a Music Festival in Denmark

Normally I would bring my Fujifilm X-T2 for any serious work, but I hate to have a strap around my neck, and a bag was out of the question. Professional gear attracts too much attention and is not very fun to carry around in crowded places. So this year I decided to put my x100F in my pocket and use it, whenever I would have grabbed my mobile phone to take a picture. .

Settings: Grain over image quality

A grainy but sharp picture is better than a blurred noiseless picture. Many of the concerts took place in festival tents, so I decided to go all in on my x100F: Acros, Auto ISO pushed to max iso 12800 and auto shutter speed. So my only adjustment during these days was the aperture and sometimes the exposure compensation. For most of the time, I used Single Auto Focus-mode. Only outside at night, I switched to Manual Focus Mode and Fokus peaking with the 100% crop mode in the hybrid viewfinder.

At times, when I didn’t want to carry my camera in a wrist strap – I simply could stove it away in a pocket in my jacket. That was mostly when I was walking around with a beer in my hand :D I think overall, the x100F did a decent job. The images are in most cases way better than those, I could have taken with my iPhone6. But sometimes I missed the zoom capabilities of my XF lenses. The mud made it hard to zoom with my feet :D

Mud Festival

Ringsted festival is an annual music festival in the middle of Ringsted city. The music lasts for three days in the city park, and the old trees adds to the atmosphere. They have four scenes in festival tents and one open air scene. Unfortunately this year, the rain was massive the first day, and the grass couldn’t stand the many guests. So the grass lanes turned into mud pools.

Victim of a mud slide in the mud pool
Difficult times for the bars – balancing with beers in the mud is not an easy task
Mud and Music – Toto by the way
Food court – empty due to the severe mud pools in the ‘court’.

The Music

Except for the Irish Tent and the Open Air scene, most of the bands are Danish. This year Toto and Boney M! made it to the open air scene. Not the hottest bands, but the participants are a mixture of young and old people, families, hippies and hipsters, so the music is targeted all segments – though mostly Pop and Rock.

Music for the people in the Irish Tent
Polkaholix – the brass section
Sussi og Leo – a unique danish kitch rock band
An Irishman at Ringsted Festival
Kings of Rock
Kings of Rock
Carpark North
Carpark North
Carpark North

Friends and Portraits

At the Ringsted Festival, it is time to meet old friends and neighbors for the locals. So I met a lot of my fiancés old friends and family. Apparently, beer is a universal language :) In some situations, the build-in flash worked perfectly!




As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I spend most of my spare time finding the next photo opportunity. I favor landscape photography and portraiture, and challenge myself with street.

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